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Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Green Bee review

I recieved a pair of tights from Happy Green Bee today and my first reaction was. WOW!!!!!!! I could not believe the colors they just seemed to pop. I then felt them and loved how soft they felt and knew these were not the itchy hard tights of yesterday. Once again my granddaughter was lucky.

My daughter is a bit nervous of what she allows her daughter to have ever since she had a brief stay in the childrens hospital. So when I saw that the tights were organically lovingly put together I knew these were for Katelynn. If you have that worry about what your little one touches and has around them perhaps you should check into what they wear as well. With lots of individuals getting on the go green bandwagon organic cotton that the happy green bee company uses fits right in. Organic cotton is healthy for planet's creatures, from children and wildlife to farm and factory workers. So the processing of the happy green bee products do not cause wildlife harm or cancer or illness to the factory workers.

Happy Green Bee company makes shirts, shorts, skorts, dresses among other items that are as safe and cute as the tights.

One large line that runs on the happy green bee sight is this:

safe and sustainable, soft and stretchy, super-silly, simply sensational styles!

Safe n sustainable the cotton is safe as I stated before and sustainable as it is durable and seems to stretch quite well. Soft enough to rub on your cheek so on your babies skin should feel as soft as can get. Super silly comes in with the stripes that are given and great colorful stripes create fun.

So now that I have shared what I love about the great Happy Green Bee company you should check them out for yourself.

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