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Monday, February 9, 2009

Review FuzziBunz

The first thought that came to my mind as I opened the package I received was how cute, how useful, and how soft. We received the pink fuzzibunz as my grandchild is a girl and the pink they sent was super cute. One thing that I love was that the fuzzibunz invented by a mother out of necessitous. The necessity was because of diaper rash. Everyone knows how bad diaper rashes are and how plastic diapers do not help the situation.
FuzziBunz carries a quote on their one size diapers that I totally agree with them on;

FuzziBunz Reusable Diapers - The GOLD Standard in Cloth Diapering!

In today's world and economy many are choosing to use cloth diapers for many great reasons. Some of these reasons may include saving money, better for the environment, and better for the baby. But if they were able to see the Fuzzibunz I think that they would add two more reason to the list. I believe that they would add the adorability and durability quality of fuzzibunz.
Upon inspecting the fuzzibunz I notice the many snaps that are there since the fuzzybunz will grow with your child. The snaps are not like the ones that you will normally find in today's clothing but they are of a better quality. They are plastic that snap great. The fuzzibunz snaps are guaranteed for 6 months which seems great to me since most snaps wear out quick the guarantee just helps to promote the products durability.
I then look at the elastic crease where the leg goes in pleases me as well. The softness and protective padding in that area surprises me as even in plastic diapers that is one area that either does not fit properly and snugly or rubs against the babies skin in a rough manner. The fuzzibunz pleases me in the fact that the curvature will make the leg fit properly into the diaper as well as no rub burn will happen because of the soft cotton feel.
The pocket design in the fuzzibunz surprised me and pleased me once again. The filler that goes inside of the pocket reminds me of a great terry cloth material that I know by fact helps the baby keep leak proof. I was one of those mothers who at one time use dishtowels if the cloth diapers were dirty so I know that material would work. But what a great idea to have a material like that inside of the fuzzibunz. It is like having a cute adorable panties on your child while they are staying dry. Fuzzibunz shares the same creator as the original pocket concept – created in January 1999 by our inventor Tereson Dupuy. As we all know those that copy the process are not always as good.
The snaps help to adjust the leg and waist area so no droopy drawers will be found with fuzzibunz. My granddaughter is much bigger than most babies but this diaper would fit her at nearly 10 lbs as that little 6 lb baby at the same age. The size of the fuzzibunz reminds you of a disposable diaper since it is so nice and trim with no overhang. With 20 different color choices you should one that you love as well.
Well, now that I have told you what I feel about the great fuzzibunz Please check them out for your self. You will be truly delighted.


  1. I've been wanting to try some FuzziBunz! Thanks for the review!

  2. So many lovely colors: apple green. Thanks.


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