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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Peek A Boob review

I inherited my mothers body shape and my daughters have inherited mine. At times this may seem great and at others it may seem a pain. Wearing certain styles of clothes would be one of those times where my body shape would be considered a pain. Now comes a long a great product called Peek-A-Boob that allows us to wear those clothing styles in the style they were created.

My mother in law used to be called the safety pin lady because she always had them on her shirt so if anyone ever needed one she had it. Now I do not carry on that ritual for my daughters simply because I am not going to wear safety pins on my shirt. I will however keep a tin of peek a boobs in my purse. These little tins are so cute and whats inside them is even better.

The little peek a boob strips will help you keep the buttons on that favorite button down shirt from gaping or that slit in your favorite skirt from flying open. This will allow ladies to maintain their modesty while looking great in trendy stylish clothing. The Peek a boob product was invented when the creator campaigned an attack on the shirt gap. Tired of this exposure and the inability to wear clothing that she loved something had to be done. So in 2008 the peek a boob product was created.

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