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Sunday, March 8, 2009

munchie mug review

Do you have little ones around? What about big ones that make messes? I occasionally have them both. I live in a house of teens where messes are made daily and when my granddaughter, niece, or nephews come over then we have little messes as well. The Munchie Mug may help us from creating such messes. Let me share an example of what sort of mess I am talking about. We have a T. V. room where everyone loves to take a snack and sit down. Often then snacks end up spilling out of the container that they are in and leaving a mess behind. The munchie mug is created so that this would not happen. The munchie mug is the protection that every mom, grandma, grandpa, dad, aunt, uncle or anyone who enjoys kids need.

Although, the munchie mug was created with infants and toddlers in mind I have decided the munchie mug concept would be perfect for the life of the teen. Teens often go through a period where they like to lounge around and at times do not care about how much a mess they make. Where a baby can not truly help it often my teens can but don't. Likewise mothers often take along a snack for their young child while traveling or just staying at home to keep them content mothers of teens often offer snacks to keep them content as well. Therefore, munchie mugs would be great for any one over the age of 10 months of age. Why are they so great? Let me tell you a few reasons.

  • The munchie mug has a great screw on top lid with an easy grip handles. This makes the munchie mug safe and easy to be filled and the structure helps little hands to be able to adapt to hold the munchie mug while eating their snack

  • The munchie mug possess a soft fabric closure which does not allow the snack to fall out of the munchie mug but is soft enough so that little hands will not get hurt.

  • One of the best reasons (in my opinion) is that the munchie mug is easy to keep clean. It can be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand

  • The munchie mug helps promote healthy snacking. I have seen my teens just take a whole bag of cereal to have a snack. Not good but I have seen it. The munchie mug can be filled with snacks such as cereals, dried fruits, crackers, etc. and the munchie mug will hold them all securely with out spills. My old alternative was to fill a Ziploc baggie with these items and hope that I did not find them all over the house later on. Besides becoming expensive there was always a mess left behind.

  • The munchie mug is economical in that it can be used several several times but also that the stay-fresh lid (included with the cup) helps to keep the snack fresh when the child is not snacking. The munchie mug is also great for transporting that snack to the daycare, store etc... wherever the little one will need a snack. You can fill the cup and know it will stay fresh until the snack is needed.

  • Made in the United States of America

  • Child friendly

  • Made of all FDA food grade compliant materials in addition it is environmentally friendly because when the munchie mug is worn out it is made up of 100% recyclable materials and can go back into recycling

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