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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Posh Malibu Couture Review

Do you have a little princess that you know? We have our own little princess here. Her name is Katelynn and she is my granddaughter. I so love this little girl so of course I try to always giver her the best. When it comes to cute hats, headbands, and hair clips Posh Malibu Couture falls into this category. We recently were sent several items for Posh Malibu Couture and I must say I have never seen such great products. They were very very cute and well constructed. My grand-daugther will look great in the beautiful items that we received from Posh Malibu Couture.

These terrifically cute beanie caps remind me of the good old days when flappers ran the streets and the hats of yester year were here. We received a great beanie cap and upon inspection the hat was quality constructed. The flower on the cap seems to pop out and make an even broader statement. These caps will help to make some awfully cute pictures. Easter is right around the corner and often a great Easter outfit includes a hat. The crotchet beanie cap from Posh Malibu Couture would fit the job perfectly. The great Posh Malibu Couture are "one size fits all" and are for infants to tweens. These great caps which grow with your child are available in white or pink with either a flower or feather attached.

Posh Malibu Couture creates some of the cutest flower clips that I have ever seen. I attempted to confiscate one for my jewelry box to keep for myself but my daughter caught me and reminded me they were for the baby. I can say that Posh Malibu Couture creates these clips so that they will stay in a busy women's hair so you know they will stay placed in a babies hair. Oh so cute the only problem you may have with the Posh Malibu Couture clip is if they snug greatly the clip may come out but it would have to be a hefty snug since the clip is a tight hold on these great flower clips.

Posh Malibu Couture carries a few items that can not be found anywhere but on their website. The great elastic headbands is one of those great items. I love the look of this elastic headband with the camo band and white flower. It seems to say to me the princess can be a tomboy but stay as pretty as a princess as well. They definitely send a message of beauty as all the Posh Malibu Couture items do. Posh Malibu Couture crochet headbands are 3-4 cm wide and keep their elasticity as well as stay soft and comfortable on your baby's head. These great crochet headbands come in 10 different flowers and numerous colors. Posh Malibu Couture elastic headbands are 5/8 inches wide and keep their elasticity and are soft and silky to the touch.

If you need somewhere to keep all those clips that your princess has Posh Malibu Couture carries that as well. The clip holder might as well be as pretty as the clips and can also be used for decorative purposes. Posh Malibu Couture clip keeper suits both purposes and looks great. What little princess would not want one?

For that special day Posh Malibu Couture carries just the right thing as well. Weddings often find little girls involved in weddings or dreaming of their own. Posh Malibu Couture creates items that help make wedding day special for that pretty princess as well.

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