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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape Review

Have you ever given a little one a bath? Then you probably know that the one giving the bath is also nearly getting a bath at the same time. Now there is a great product that will help you from getting totally soaked. The Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape is found useful while giving the little one a bath. There is less of a chance of getting your clothes totally soaked when giving your young child or baby a bath while wearing the great Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape.

Bath time is time to share relax and have a time of unwinding. The Spa Time Baby Cozy Cape allows you to relax, nurture and pamper your little one while drying your baby in a safe, easy and comfortable manner. All too often when picking up a young child out of the tub you will place a towel on your chest and hold them very tight while wrapping the towel around them and often get soaked while holding that soaking wet little one. Now with the Spa time Cozy Cape you have no need to worry about getting soaked while carrying your baby. The unique design of the Spa Time Cozy Care Cape helps to keep your shoulder and arms dry and the heat of your body will naturally keep the towel that will be used to snuggle your little one warm.

Spa Time Baby Cozy Cape instructions for use include:

  • simply slip the cape over your head with the water proof panel facing in to prevent getting wet from those natural splashes of water

  • When your baby's bath is done, simply wrap your baby lovingly in your arms and wrap the cape around them.

  • Use the cozy cape to gently pat the little one dry while securely holding them

Besides the great cozy cape Spa Time Baby also sells mats, caps, and cloths along with other great bath products that your little one desires

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