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Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday is a weekly meme hosted by McMama @ my charming kids blog. Each week you can read what others may or may not of done as well as add your own. This becomes very exciting and engages most thought and humor.

This week did not bring disappointment. It is not as if I expected good news this week. You see my daughter was not to get refund check and be able to come and see her mom and dad. No I was not looking one bit forward to seeing my grandchild. That was all the drama that was seen in the refund check dilemma. The IRS did not question the birth of my grandchild and my daughter and son in law do not have to prove that my daughter gave birth in September. NO! This would never happen.

Not only that but I do not have a rash on my neck and my husband did not tell me that poison ivy is all ready out. OH MY!!!!!!! I am not highly allergic to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. No it is not me that every year has to have a shot to get rid of it and go on a regiment of medications to break the side effects of the poison ivy. It is not me who loves to be outside but every time I am end up breaking out with something at least once or twice a year.

Well lets at least leave on a note that I am not proud of at all. I am not at all proud that my children are participating in the true love waits meetings and future ceremony at church. No this would not make a mom proud of her teens who want to wait for the right one that God has planned for them. This would not touch a moms heart so much that she is traveling with them to Chicago Illinois to a convention called Dare to Share. I am not looking forward to this one bit. We do not have fun every year.

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  1. oh no! I'm sorry she wont be able to come!

  2. Wow that poisnon ivy sounds nasty.

    great not me monday


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