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Friday, December 5, 2008

my thankful thursday top 10

Allthough it is friday I am gooing to list what I was and am thankful for. I ran out of time with doctor appointments etc... yesterday but here goes

1. I am happy that all of my presents for my daughters family are wrapped
2. I am thankful for my entire family
3. I am thankful that God gives me the strength at times to deal with an extended family with emotional problems
4. I am thankful for my son landing his first job and a good one at that
5. I am thankful that my middle son loves to play sports, has a great girlfriend, and still makes the grade in school
6. I am thankful that my middle daughter is graduating from highschool this year (believe me there were a few times in junior high I wondered if she would ever get here)
7. I am thankful for a husband that has helped me battle through the years in good times and bad
8. I am thankful for my sunday school class where we can all talk and share about whatever is on our minds
9. I am thankful for the Christmas season and the fun that is in the air
10. After yesterday I am happy we have the ability to go to the doctor and get medicine so the sick ones can get better

that is my first top 10 and next week will leave another top 10

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