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Monday, January 19, 2009

This week we did not have our regular eat out night so we have 1 of them in spare if I so choose but for sure Saturday will be out to eat day with my daughter coming to town.

M eggs mcmuffin
chicken patty sandwich
truck stop biscut and gravy (recipe can be found on this blog)

T sausage and biscut
leftovers if any (meeting in the afternoon so maybe no one home)
chicken dressing casserole, biscuts, cupcakes

W sausage eggs
leftovers or soup
leftover night as all should be gone to church

Th cinamon toast
cheesy pasta casserole, cupcakes

F pbj
chicken pot pie

S crockpot casserole
out ot eat

S breakfast at church
pancake and sausage
roast, potatoes, biscut, cake

that will do it for this week not to glamorous but food and eats so all in this house should be happy

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