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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

giveaway: lotion

Do you have dry skin? I know I do. I have dry skin for many different reasons (1) I am a diabetic, (2) the weather does not help (3) my hands are in the weather lots of time and (4) i have naturally dryer skin than most people. Diabetics are notirious for having dry skin and this becomes a problem if it cracks and sores form. The winter weather leaves my hands chapped and hurting while being red. I have had this problem for several years now. Because I am a mother who does not have a dishwasher and cleans her own house my hands are often found in water. This does not help and allthough I know to dry my hands off good after washing the soap off I do not always find time to do this. My skin has always been dry I guess I should count my blessings while I did not go through a period of oily skin or acne when I was younger I now pay the price with extremly dry skin. One giveaway at SAHM reviews may help to ease the pain on my hands, feet and all over. SAHM reviews is offering Skin MD natural, a great sounding lotion, for giveaway. So yes I have entered and so should you. If you want to help your little one keep thier skin nice and soft then there is a giveaway for you as well. S.I.M.P.L.E. is holding a giveaway for a basket of Burte Baby products from the bodyshop. Yet another lotion giveaway is being held over at Mommies with Cents, this giveaway is for Cetaphil Skin Care Club

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