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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

giveaway: snack and juice

Remember when our mothers would serve us juice and a snack. I remember when one of the spotlights of bible school was when we would get our juice and snack. Now 2 of the giveaways to be found on the blogs today is lil debbie 100 cal snacks and welchs aqua juice. Wow low cal, great tasting are only a few reasons to try them. But how about winning them, right now at All because they fell in love you could win the aqua juice and at the "cent" sible Sawyer you can win the lil debbie 100 calorie snacks. So head off and try to win your snack today. Wait a minute just found Sarah Lee cheesecake giveaway so head over to Feels like home blog to enter to win.

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