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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tackle it teusday: kitchen organized

I had a bit of help this week and so considered it and began to go to work on the kitchen. I rearranged lots of items and moved lots of things. I wish I had pictures but since I do not have a digital camera can not post. But here is what I did. I sorted out a large drawer of utensils and placed them in 2 older jars one for spatulas and another for serving spoons. I placed the veggie peelers, can openers etc... into an older cookie can where they can stay organized and moved all measuring cups to their own cupbard shelf. I know hava a drawer with only baking items, measuring spoons, etc...... I replaced a cabinet full of spices with glasses, mixes, and other neccessaries. I had long wanted to move the plates and bowls to an easier cabinet and this was done as well. I straigtned the can goods, mixing bowls and serving bowls now have their own shelves. I love my little kitchen now and have sworn to keep it that way.
Well that is what I tackled and succedded in wish I had pictures. That is one of my goals to save to get a great camera

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