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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Slow Cooker Traditional Polish #Recipe ----- Bigos a Hunters Stew

The Polish nation celebrate National Independence Day in November this year. On November 11th the anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty as Second Polish Republic. In 1918 Poland was allowed to reform after the German, Austrian and Russian Empires returned the land. Prior to the end of World War I poland had not existed for 123 years. 

The Day of National Independence in Poland is a non working day for those in Poland. It is a day to stop counting calories and sample delicious Polish food. 
In my lifetime, I have only known a few Polish individuals and all of them love the food that comes from their Polish heritage. One couple in particular not only loved their food but she could cook it oh so yummy as well. That is what Independence day is all about.

The Eastern European Jewish communities from Eastern Europe influence the foods of Poland. Other countries have also influenced the food of Poland. Many individuals from Poland came to America and settled in New York City. The immigrants to this country often stick to traditional Polish inspired recipes but the regions and tastes have helped to challenge them. Some of the best known foods in the Polish cuisine include:

  • Pierogi (Polish dumplings) ...
  • Rosół (broth/ chicken soup) ...
  • Gołąbki (cabbage roll) ...
  • Polskie naleśniki (Polish pancakes) ...
  • Śledź w oleju z cebulą (herring in oil with onion) ...
  • Bigos (Hunter's stew)

  • 1Ham Bone or Smoked Knuckle
    32 ozJar (s) Sauerkraut, rinsed once
    1Medium Cabbage Head, cut in ½
    1Large Onion, diced
    1 lb canTomato Sauce
    2Medium Apples, chopped
    3Bay Leaves
    1Doz Peppercorns
    1 lbBacon, cooked & chopped
    2 TbspFlour
    2 lbPolish Sausage, ham, assorted cooked meats
    Put ham bone or smoked knuckle in crockpot. (I save meaty hambones from spiral sliced ham & freeze them until needed.)
    Add jar of saurkraut (rinsed once or twice to remove sour taste) and chopped cabbage head. The challenge is to try & fit this all in, but it settles after cooking for a bit. 
    Add diced onion, chopped apple pieces (also to kill sour taste), tomato sauce, bay leaves, & peppercorns. 
    Cook in crockpot for 24 to 48 hours on low. The more it cooks, the darker and more flavorful it gets. (You can begin at high setting for a few hours to hasten the process.) 
     Remove ham bone, bay leaves & any peppercorns you find. 
    Add Polish sausage, sliced, & chicken, pork, ham, steak, or any other meat cut in bite-sized pieces. 
    Make a roux from some of the bacon fat & the flour. (Cook, stirring, until brown & bubbly.) Add to crockpot with the bacon pieces, stir & enjoy

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