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Monday, November 12, 2018

WHo's Your Role Model

Do you try to follow the example of someone you know or someone you would like to know?? For me I was always a daddy girl as I followed his example and as I got older I started to admire my grandmothers and how they carried their selves. When I was married I found yet another individual to admire, my grandmother in laws cooking skills were something I desired to have. Have you ever had an inspirational role model.

Age, gender or stage of life does not seem to matter it seems that we can always have someone that we admire and inspires us to do better. Whether it be a family member, a friend, a celebrity or an activist for a cause you feel strongly about.

November is the perfect time to thank those that inspire you to do better or to do more. Whatever it is that you admire about them can be different for each individual. From their healthy habits to the way they carry their selves or conduct their selves around others. Many times the goal of having an inspirational role model is to become more like that individual.

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