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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Make Reading a Family Event

There was a time in the history of the United States where you could walk into a home and find Dad reading the newspaper, mom checking out a new recipe and the kids reading magazines or comics. The one thing they were all doing was reading. Electronics did not get in the way and their reading skills were being practiced. However, that day has changed and now an estimated number of people in the United States who can not read continues to rise.
In order for children to develop strong reading techniques reading in one form or another needs to be practiced. Not only reading but understanding or comprehending what is being read is a skill that can only be improved if exercised There is no better time than November during National Literacy Month.

The ability to read is more than just a fundamental life skill; it is the gateway to a healthy and productive life.  November 1st is National Family Literacy Day, and it’s time to celebrate! No matter how old our children get there are still ways to get them to read. A few of these include

  • No matter how old they are , most children like to be read to. It is a way to learn new vocabulary words, improve learning and listening skills, creates a strong bond between you and your child. Reading together can help create special memories that they will carry with them through life. 
  • Introduce your young reader to your favorite childhood book. Who knows it may become their favorite as well. This will offer a beginning book discussion
  • Offering an incentive to read will offer a new reason for your older children to read. Simple things like second serving of dessert, staying up 30 minutes later, or some other type of reward that will be ok with you and them. 
Reading is a very important skill in life. Books should be a prominent feature in your home. Demonstrate to your family that reading is important. Reading should always be an enjoyable experience. 

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