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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Native American Tribes Forced out By Immigrants

As the news reports nearly every day that immigrants are coming closer I stop to think about my Native American relation and the fact that immigrants moved in on their land and forced them out. But who were those people and what tribes did they belong to??

Indian tribes (Native Americans) as well as Kentucky tribes traveled and lived throughout the woodlands. More than likely these tribes survived via hunting and fishing. The groups most likely traveled but some may have settled down in some villages were they made pottery and grew maize and veggies.

In southern Illinois where I live so did Indians. My grandfather may have taken the same route as I recall him speaking of Illinois , Kentucky and Tennessee tribes. Common Tribe names were

  • Chippewa Indians: tribe members appear in treaties in 1795, 1816, 1829, and 1833. These treaties primarily relinquished land to the whites
  • Delaware Indians: traveled through Illinois as they were being crowded west by the whites
  • Kickapoo Indians : helped destroy Illinois and later ceded land to the United States Government July 30, 1819
  • Miami Indians : lived up northern Illinois 
  • Ottawa Indians were located near the Illinois // Michigan border would be now
  • The Sauk Indian Tribe helped to expel many Illinois tribes from Rock River region. Later this land was ceded to the Whites and moved farther west
  • The Shawnee Indians was the main tribe here in Southern Illinois.
  • Tribe near the central part of state was the Wyandot In 1795 their land was relinquished in Illinois to the Whites

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