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Monday, November 12, 2018

Tell Your Story

A memoir is an account of things that happen. It can be personal but it does not have to be. We often hear of famousftthe individuals writing their memoirs. But  memoirs are not only for the stars. We all have our own stories to tell and write down. Perhaps your stories can connect younger generations with generations past. 

It is true that somebody somewhere will want to read your stories one day. Many of us share our stories in our blogs. It is a way to capture stories and thoughts about daily life as well as stories of the past. Our stories are told just like we want them to be told. Like memoirs we can capture the stories as we go along they do not have to be in a number line. 

While we do capture memories of births, marriages, holiday and the list goes on it is our story to write. We can share what we want when we want to. When we record those moments in life we have to write as if the individual is there smelling, seeing, hearing what ever is going on. It is part of the story we must set the scene. 

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