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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pet Adoption Information

There are two main places to adopt a pet. Shelters and rescues are a bit different but you can have an awesome pet adoption experience at either place. Let's take a further look:

Shelters can be located in a number of different places. The local city or county you live in may have an animal shelter. In addition there is normally a shelter hosted by animal control or police and health departments. The local pound often have both cats and dogs as well. Each of these places often have their own organization or government offices. Many shelters rely on volunteers and host hours where pets can be seen. Advantages of adopting pet from a shelter include:

  • visit several available pets at once
  • take your pet home with you directly from the shelter
  • often cost less to adopt pet from shelter. 

Animal rescues often rely on private boarding facilities or foster homes for pets. These homes are primarily volunteers. When a pet is gathered from a rescue center it may be a lot like adopting a child. They may have rules and regulations for you to follow and at times you are given a certificate for adopting the animal. Some advantages of adopting pet from animal rescue

  • more knowledge about individual pets 
  • screening process more involved and may take a bit longer
  • higher adoption fees but vet care is often included 

Adopting a pet is a great idea if your family is ready. I hope that I helped you understand the difference of pet adoption services.

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  1. Good information. I actually didn't know that an animal shelter is different from animal rescue. All I know is that they both take care of homeless animals which is really good.


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