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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Even a Bit of Kindness Can Help The Homeless

It seems that every where there is at least one homeless person and at times families. Not every homeless person will be ready to meet with kindness as daily he or she may have been met with indifference, aggression and disgust and in return has become hard. There is reason to fear some homeless as well. Some may have criminal record but for many they are ready to accept help and socialize. 

Some organizations that help homeless include:
  • The United Way-- located across the country Focus is placed on education, income and health. Patterning with schools, government agencies, businesses, faith groups and more Find out more at
  • The YWCA=== Focuses on women. Works to help those in poverty as well as those in need of emotional and economic self sufficiency. For more information visit
  • Goodwill ---- One of my favorite places to shop also helps those in need. Offering employment training, job placement services, financial education, and youth mentoring to name just a few areas. Good will also helps veterans build workforce skills. Visit

Make it more personal by :
  • volunteering=== shelters need help to pass out clothes, serve meals, entertain, and answer phones. 
  • donate === clothes, toys, books, household goods, toiletries or computers are all needed by homeless shelters. Know a homeless individual or family then why not offer them a warm meal, gift certificate to fast food restaurant, bus tokens or recyclable cans or bottles that they can turn into cash. 
  • Become an advocate by pushing for new legislation to help homeless
  • Respect === when someone is down and out and they have nothing they could still have your respect I have a way of saying "hi" and always having a short conversation with all those I meet on my path this includes the homeless man on the street. 

With so few having so much and so many having so little why can't we try to help all those that need it. 

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