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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Thinking of Running Away

Once upon a time, I was a 15 year old girl in love with a boy (the boy I am still in love with) I thought that my parents were being very unfair and I wanted to get away, run away. The only plan we had was to leave on none other than bicycle and to go south. Oh my goodness, were we ever mistaking we were out a total of 2 days before bad luck hit us. We were returned home , him in a cops car and me via ambulance. Yes, I had a bike wreck and he was in trouble for running  away with me. It not only put a negative light on us but put our parents through a few nights of HE__ __ !! No we would not do it again, and should not of done it the first time. Thirty - Three years later we share this story every time we hear of a young person thinking of running away.

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If you know of a teen that is thinking of running away you can use our story or one of your own. Teens that are planning to leave are facing a difficult decision. Should they or should they not Is what they are facing as hard as it would be to leave their entire family. Perhaps if you do talk about teens thinking of this manner you will want to have them ponder a few questions.

Where will they stay??
What would they do about school or getting an education??
Are they leaving forever or just a few days??
What about money?? Food??
Is there anyone that can be contacted for help if you do leave home??
Is there any way to make things better at home??
Is there any one to contact to make things better at home??

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