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Sunday, November 18, 2018

SnowCare for Troops

SnowCare for Troops clears driveways and sidewalks getting rid of snow and ice. Military families are allowed the ability to maintain their independence and go about their daily routines taking care of families and going to work. SnowCare is a service that supports active members of the Armed Forces. Military persons have enough on their mind doing their job without having to worry about needs of their families. Thus snowcare is important to all, those that are giving as well as those that are receiving.

Our Military persons are important and their families should be as well. SnowCare for Troops helps provide military families with peace of mind and lifts a large burden off of them as well. In existence for 9 years SnowCare for Troops has had more than 5,000 families register to receive or provide services across the nation.

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