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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Teddy Bear

Many children have them, I know young women that have them and I have taken care of senior citizens that held them close as well. What am I talking about?? The cherished teddy bear.

When the word teddy bear is mentioned many will envision a soft, gentle and cuddly stuffed creature. They come in many forms both sitting and standing and often have a ribbon tied around their neck. But where did such a creature come from

A USA toy maker Morris Michtom invented the beloved teddy bear to honor former US president Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt who was the character in a bear hunting story.

Because of the sympathy the president showed the bear cartoons that were politically influenced were showcased. Morris Michtom who owned a toyshop in Brooklyn caught a glimpse of these cartoons. Michtom made stuffed animals and decided to create a bear in honor of the president. After gaining permission from the president he mass produced "teddy bears" and eventually formed the company known as Ideal Novelty and Toy Co.

Now that you know where the teddy bear originated may I ask you to share your favorite teddy bear story in comment below

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