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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Is Home Health For You

In the old days loved ones would be taken care of at home until the services they demanded could not be completed at home. Now days several of the services that were not available at home have now adapted. This means that rather than having to spend more time in the hospital or a nursing home one may be able to be taken care of at home. Thus making an illness or injury not having to be the reason to leave the home for care.

Home health care may be for individuals who are getting older, chronically ill, individuals recovering from surgery or disabled individuals. Home health services can be brought to more patients rather than mandating the individual to go to the service.

These services include

  • care that would other wise be completed at an intermittent skilled nursing care facilities
  • physical therapy
  • speech and language pathology services
  • occupational health services
In the past cardiac care, respiratory care, I.V care, nutrition care, injections, and wound care would all have to be completed at special facilities. In the world today these services can all be offered at home. 

Staying home allows one to be in their own environment. This may help the individuals health improve faster than it would have. However, I am a firm believer that if constant care is needed then the possibility of constant nursing care in  a facility or hospital may need to be re-examined

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