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Monday, November 19, 2018

Rumors hurt

Hey!!!,,,, did you hear what happened the other night... I don't remember who told me but I know it just has to be true.

Now, its your turn to pass it on, add what you may want to and leave out what you need to. This is how rumors get passed. No, it is not just mindless gossip. Rumors can be extremely damaging to a person's mental and emotional well being. Gossip is not intended to hurt anyone or cause serious harm. Moreover rumors have a way to snowball and be made into a pack of webs that may hurt someone in the future.

Rumors have been known to hurt individuals careers, lives, confidence, relationships, and reputations. It is very hard to escape from rumors that were started and have snowballed so that bits and pieces have been added. The truth it seems no longer matters as rumors are so much larger than the truth. The sad part is that rumors often started by those that for one reason or another are bored, insecure, extremely unhappy in their own lives, jealous or mean in nature.

Rumors about individuals may result in name calling, whispering, judging others and at times worst. So what do you do if you hear a rumor about yourself??

  • first let your loved ones know that what is being said is not true
  • Do not let the rumors define who you are . 
  • confront that person who started the rumor
  • Do not hide, be scared or embarrassed. If you know the rumors are a lie hold your head high and act normally. 
  • Do not let the rumors have power over you
  • Be nice, there is no reason to be overly defensive and shoot the messenger


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