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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thank a Farmer

One of the true blessings of my life is that "God Made a Farmer" I so recall the days of growing up on the farms. Both of my grand-parents were farmers and my dad worked those farms when he was not at his own job. There are many reasons that farmers should be thanked. So as part of my blessing I want to tell you that you too are also a blessed because we have farmers.

Dodge first aired this commercial in 2012 during the Super Bowl. Yes, it is right that we all should thank the men and women who farm this great land. The land set aside for farming is decreasing and the population of those that work the land are leaving as well. Many may not be aware of how much farmers do and provide for us. In addition this commercial was a great way to remind them that they do a very important much needed job.

Without farmers, where would our food come from?? There would be no grocery stores or access to abundance of food products. Food would not be in our kitchens or on our tables. See where I am going with this?? We definitely need to thank a farmer.

Many years ago there was a large number of farmers in the United States. Now, that number has decreased to less than 2% of all U.S. population. With this in mind we can see how a lot of work is being completed by a small number of people. This is the number of individuals that provide the food to the United States to be consumed as well as export to other countries. So Please thank a farmer for their hard work.

Many years ago farmers were rudely refereed to as "poor dirt farmers" I must say that farmers are truly smart as they can run machinery, complete their own mechanic work, provide basic animal care, do their book keeping and make plans so that all runs efficiency and profitability. The list of skills and knowledge goes on and on. So for all the education and knowledge that farmers have please say "Thank You"

Perks with traditional jobs offer days off. But a farmer works 365 days a year with no days off. Holiday's are workdays right along with snow days and weekends. There is no time for days off but there is no overtime hours either. It is through hard work, dedication, perseverance and commitment. Farming has never been known as an easy job or one you will become wealthy will. A farmer deserves to be thanked because of the roughness of the job.

 Farmers put the needs of their animals above their own. They seek practices that is most conserving of their land. They work to keep animals comfortable and land productive. This level of care simply represents just how genuine most farmers are. So yes, you should definitely thank a farmer.

Generation of farmers often turn into another generation of farmers. As with my grandfather who farmed the land for years and now my uncle farms the same land. His son lives just across the way ready to take the same farm over. The lineage of farmers success is very important not only to our family but many others.

Farmers stay dedicated through many uncontrollable factors. The weather, disease outbreak, global issues, and so many other things. There are good years and bad years, natural disasters and mother nature. Farmers must stay upbeat as they struggle against the issues to produce a safe wholesome product. It would be a great time to thank a farmer.

Farmers help each other and show compassion when one falls. They may not get along all the time but in time of need they are there to help . An Illinois farmer was blessed when after a tragedy an abundance of farmers were there to help. Farmers from miles away reached out to help as they knew if it were them others would be there as well. Farmers are often silently thanked throughout time

Have You Thanked A Farmer

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