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Monday, November 19, 2018

Buttons Buttons every where

Buttons are used as fasteners, ornamental adornments, matter of design or element used to blend into background. You can find buttons in many different places from furniture to items of clothing. But how did these prehistoric necessities that held garments together become so poplar??

When different fabrics began to be used to making clothing buttons of different materials appeared as well. Buttons made of gold, bronze and precious stones began to be used alongside the earlier flint and stone Buttons add decoration to garments and also offered a status review. Ancient Romans decorated their clothing with decorative brooches and buttons. These buttons and brooches were made up of bone and wood that also helped to hold the multiple layers of fabric together that was used in clothing. As imagined as clothing styles changed so did buttons.

The Middle Ages brought a more closely fitted clothing style. Buttons on dresses, sleeves and tunics were made very apparent. Merchants sold buttons made of ivory, gold and precious metals found all over the world. It was an introduction to what was to come in the Renaissance period of time. Jewels on buttons would be worn by wealthy men and women on hats, dresses and other pieces of clothing. However, the poor used buttons made of wood, bone or glass.

By the 20th century buttons had become common for every class. Metal buttons covered with fabric became the next popular buttons. Buttons had reach popularity and now could be mass produced. With mass production came more uses in upholstery, shoes and bags. Plastic buttons would take the popularity of buttons even further with new shapes, sizes and textures. In addition buttons became more available and cheaper.

While buttons are still found in decorative form with precious stones that add glamour to an outfit or printed with slogan or photograph to make a style statement. In addition furniture makers use buttons in a variety of ways, buttons are used in crafts and kids love playing games with buttons

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