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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Be Kind To Others

When we are down on our luck and we wonder what else can go wrong it is such a nice gesture when someone is simply kind to us. Yes, it sort changes our strut just a bit and brightness is abound. Kindness matters, it is a simple and true fact. Kindness has an effect on everyone it seems as when someone is kind to another then that individual is kind to another and so on. However kindness is not something that takes place daily but should

My kids look at me as if I am strange sometimes. I walk in a room and everyone knows I am there as I am instantly saying hello and how are you. That is one thing that I admired about my dad, he could instantly put a smile on peoples faces. Not everyone has that ability or even wants that ability but for those that do thank you for using it.

It is rather easy to be kind, try it occasionally you may even like it to be part of your own personality. Being kind can easily become an art of compassion that you practice daily. Here are a few ideas of how to do just that:

  • In this month of Thanksgiving we should be more aware and thankful for all we have. But not only now but always we should be thankful that we have what we have when so many have so little. Here's an idea daily make a list of 5 things that your are grateful for. Seeing all that you have to be grateful for will help you stay in that sort of mind and you will be kinder to others. 
  • Pat attention, listening is one the kindest things that can be done. Spend time listening to someone may be worth its weight in gold. In this world of cell phones, emails and texts it may seem to be hard to pull our selves away but to those around you it makes a great difference. You should see my grand-children's faces when I stop doing whatever I am doing to spend some time with them. 
  • Don't be the judge. One of my all time sayings is "There is only one great judge and he is my good Lord up above." It is not our job to be the judge of what others do. We should always have at least one good thing to say to that person, who knows they may be having a bad day. When they refuse to say the obliged "Hello" back to you, then that may be exactly what it is not a good day for them.
  • Smile, it will not crack your face and yes, it exercises a few muscles. There is power in a smile. Simply offering a smile may make a person a bit more happier. 
  • Be kind to yourself is something that needs to be done as well. Never forget your self because then you will let down others. 

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