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Saturday, March 2, 2019

What is Acquired Brain Injury

Through my many years of caring for those with health needs I have had chance to work with several individuals who have had brain injury. Brain injuries affect how individuals think, act and feel. The way we knew the individual is not always how they are after the brain injury. However, a few things that one needs to remember when caring for those with brain injuries are:

  • remember that they are a person that suffers with a brain injury not a brain injury that occurs to a person
  • no two brain injuries are exactly the same
  • brain injuries are all complex and are great different from person to person
  • Cause, location of brain injury and severity all help determine the effects of brain injury

Every 9 seconds someone suffers from a brain injury. Brain injuries that are congenital, inherited, degenerative or caused by birth trauma are known as ABI. More than 3.5 million individuals will suffer from this type of brain injury.

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