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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spaying and Neutering Battles Overpopulation of Animals

Every year an average of 6 to 8 million pets are placed in animal shelters with only around half of these finding homes. The next question is what happens to the rest of these precious animals?? The sad fact is that many of them are euthanized because there simply is not enough room for all of them in shelters. However, even worst than that fact is that many of these animals are not is known as "street animals" but are rather pets that were lost and never reclaimed or found.

Over breeding and unplanned litters also help with the issue of overpopulation. Some animals that are not euthanized may face starvation, disease, freezing weather or being killed in traffic. You, can help by offering a shelter animal a forever home. I believe that all animals deserve a loving home and family. Perhaps you are looking for a new four legged animal to add to the family, why not check the animal shelter first??

The issue of spaying and neutering is important and offer their own benefits:

  • no need to worry about unexpected pregnancies 
  • female pets need not worry about mammary tumors, uterine infections or uterus or ovarian tumors when spaded. 
  • neutered male dogs are often less territorial
  • neutered males are less likely to experience prostate tumors and infections, testicular tumors and perineal hernias

Spaying and neutering can help fight the war on pet overpopulation as well as keep our pets healthier

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