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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spring Break Staycation

Here it is the end of February and spring break is right around the corner. Everyone or at least most of us love spring break. There are times though that spring break comes about with no time to go away, not enough resources or simply no real way to go. It does not mean that we can not have  fun as there are still economical fun activities that can keep us all busy

  • Clean up the yard, then plant bulbs or a garden. 
  • Arrange a day of bowling or roller skating with friends. 
  • Purchase tickets to a basketball or hockey game. 
  • Plan a day of arts and crafts or baking. 
  • Visit a local museum, planetarium, aquarium or zoo. 
  • Invite some friends over and host a game tournament. 
  • Go see a matinee movie or have a film festival at home. 
  • Have fun and make each day an adventure!
Whatever you plan to do remember to have fun

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