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Thursday, February 28, 2019

children self esteem

We all desire to give our children the best of all that we can. Did you know that starting them out on the right foot with a positive self image is one of the best things that we can do?? Here are some great ideas to help you bulk up your child's self esteem:

  • Ensure your child does not believe that they will get everything that they want. Teach them not to be mad just because they did not get all that they wanted. Setting a good example of doing this will also help reinforce this. While it is o.k. to be upset showing deep rooted anger is not good. 
  • Let children know that they are responsible for their own feelings. That they themselves can help control how they feel and others can not be responsible for their feelings. Teach them to not blame others for how they feel
  • Allow whenever possible for children to settle their own disputes between siblings and friends
  • allow them to see that some teasing is harmless.Teasing is sadly part of life and at times being able to ignore it will help. Teach them to use "positive self talk" 
sticks and stones 
can break my own bones 
but words can never hurt me

  • Help children see their own talents and strengths. Point out things that they can do well
  • Encourage good behavior and treating others as they would like to be treated 

  • Teach your child that while they may have just a few really good friends to always make as many friends as possible. 
  • Share with them the gift of laughter. Never take their self super serious and always enjoy life. Life is hard and if we learn to laugh during our walk through it all the better. 

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