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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Information Tooth Fairy

Early this month my 7 nope hold that go back he also turned 8 this month.

Lets start again (lol) The point I was trying to get at was earlier this month he had a tooth to come loose from his mouth and come out. He knew all ready about the tooth fairy that comes and trades your tooth for a bit of those green back $$. I am fairly sure you may have heard of the tooth fairy. However, where did this all get started??

The history of this little dental fairy came to be an encouragement for children to take part in good dental hygiene habits. The tooth fairy came on scene during the mid 1920's. This was a time period where fairies represented all sorts of health education from bath fairies to fresh air fairies. The fairies were all ways to get kids to recall to eat their veggies, wash behind their ears and get a good night rest.

In 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold created a small playlet for children title "The Tooth Fairy" It was the perfect time as the world was full of imagination and perfect timing to introduce a tooth fairy that would collect the lost teeth of little boys and girls in exchange for a coin or two The play introduced the character of the tooth fairy that would slipped into homes then and now. As time went on the tooth fairy character has changed in many ways

As most things do , the tooth fairy has changed a bit over the years but the theme behind the scene has remained the same. But while the thought of the tooth fairy is fairly new the Islamic culture has been celebrating lost baby teeth since the 13th century. The lost baby tooth would be tossed into the sky toward the sun as prayers for a better tooth to replace it were offered. This same concept is taken just a bit differently but still the same in Turkey, Mexico and Greece. However other countries such as Norwegian and Finnish children are warned of the "tooth troll" who watch children who do not brush or take care of their teeth.

The tooth fairy is connected to many a different rodent or animal as well. World cultures an nationalities believe that squirrels, mice, and even rats are shapes that the fairy may appear in. There are 20 baby teeth in a child's mouth so that means that 20 teeth will fall out of a child's mouth before they loose all their baby teeth.

National Tooth Fairy Day occurs two times a year. The first on February 28th and the second on August 22nd. This coincides with the fact that dentist recommend 2 checkups a year. If you choose to celebrate the gift of a lost tooth a good idea would be to promote good dental hygiene with it. After all, a good tooth is worth much more to the Tooth Fairy than a bad one is.

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