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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Babies First Dental Visit

A child's first dental visit should be as soon as they have their first tooth in their mouth. The ADA recommends that you schedule a dental visit within six months after the first tooth appears. Many times parents do not take children to the dentist until they start school or an emergency occurs. However, dentist recommend that your child's dental care is important and should begin early.

The first visit to the dentist will often allow the dentist and the child to become accustomed to each other. The dentist most likely will examine your child's mouth, checking growth and development. Here are a few tips to help make the dental visit worthy:

  • If your child is a morning person then schedule the appointment for morning. If your child is better later in the day then make the appointment for then. Simply keep in mind your childs schedule and when the best time to bring the dentist and child together
  • While you may have your own anxiety and concerns keep them to yourself. Showing fear is something kids can pick up on and follow them looking for the worst. 
  • Never bribe your child or use the dental visit as a punishment
  • Tell your child where you are going and what to expect
The first dental visits will have the dentist:
  • inspecting oral injuries, cavities or other issues
  • clean child's teeth 
  • offer a reminder of tooth decay and provide tips for daily care
  • Discuss what treatment if any is needed

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