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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Organize The Under The Sink Area

With a busy life style, a full time job, large family and so much more to do than I have time for that at times it all gets out of control and the house gets a bit disorganized. If you are like me then it may be possible that your sink has looked a bit like this before

So now you want to get it all a bit organized. Where do you start?? How do you get it all done??

  • Throw out any old nearly empty bottles or any that you really did not like. 
  • Organize all into categories that work with your life style. Such as any travel-sized stuff, hair products, nail products, lotion, body wash, medical stuff and sunscreen. 
  • The best way to keep it all organized is to gather some containers to keep the different categories in. Label each container so that it can keep together
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