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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Donations Needed

Winter is on the thaw but if you live in an area where flooding is taking place then your food pantry may be need of more than usual donations as families may be displaced. Now may be the time that you decide to donate but what?? What ar the most needed items and what is not so much needed??

  • Applesauce that comes in plastic jars and is unsweetened is a great donation because it keeps well on food bank shelves
  • canned beans offer protein and fiber and easily fills up a hungry tummy 
  • canned chicken is a great donation that can be used in soups and casseroles, sandwich or with crackers. This versatile non perishable item packs high protein as well
  • canned fish such as tuna or salmon packs vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Quick and easy to use and often on the list of items food banks ask for
  • canned meat such as SPAM has quite a few things food banks look for. To start with it is shelf stable, needs little to prep and can be eaten out of can. Offers protein and fills one up
  • canned veggies are nutrition wise donations that are in high demand. 
  • cooking oil
  • crackers are perfect for snacks and lunches
  • spices can help any meal taste better
  • canned or dried fruit provides nutrition and fiber 
  • granola bars offer quick and easy snack that families can toss into lunches or eat on the go. 
  • instant mashed potatoes last longer and require minimal items to mix up. 
  • meals in a box can be shelf stable and comes all in one. Pasta, rice and soup kits are perfect for donating to food pantries
  • Nuts offer protein and nutrients can be ate on the run Nuts are high in price and thus not donated very much 
  • Pasta sales have been as of late , great time to donate and easy to prepare into meals
  • peanut butter a favorite for all. High in protein
  • rice is a great donation because it can be made into a variety of ways. Brown, white or quinoa all make great donations
  • powder milk requires no fridge and provides calcium and protein
  • Canned or packaged soups, stews or chili are perfect for easy warm meal 
With all these great items  that food pantries desire there are a few that they can not use
  • junk food
  • items with glass or cellophane packaging, which can be broken in transit
  • things that need can openers or special equipment (pop-top cans–whether for veggies, meat or fruit–are a plus)

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