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Monday, February 25, 2019

Making Sure the Shoe Fits

Making sure you are wearing the right shoes is something we may simply take for granted but truly is something that is very important. I can recall as a child going to the shoe department to have my feet measured once or twice a year. Now days that is done at certain stores still but many simply have you shop on the size that you "think" is correct However, this later practice may not be the best as our feet tend to change over time.

The ligaments and other soft tissues in our feet tend to relax and stretch as they get older. When this happens our feet may relax more and stretch resulting in slight changes. Measuring our feet length, width and arch is the only true way to get the fit of our feet. When getting our feet measured some tips to keep in mind should include:

  • having our feet measured later in the day when our feet may have swelled a bit Shopping later in the day will help ease the pressure of getting shoes that may be too tight
  • when measuring our feet be sure to stand up. Standing up will allow our feet to expand out
  • have someone else take the measurement so that you can stand tall and look straight ahead with weight centered over the feet. 
  • The arch is an important part of the shoe and should be measured from the heel to the ball of your foot 

No two feet are the same and neither are shoe company shoe size. Shoes should be fit to the larger foot. Adding pads and inserts to the smaller foot can be done but adding space to a shoe can not be. Wearing socks when trying on shoes is important as well. Shoes should have 1/2 inch between the end of the longest toe and end of the front of the shoe. The back of the shoe should have 1/8 at the back of the shoe to prevent the shoe back being too tight against the heel. In addition, it is important to try shoes on and walk around a bit

Take your time and try on both shoes and walk around a bit. If shoes are not comfortable do not buy them. Keep in mind that laced shoes are easier to fit than others. This is because shoe laces can be adjusted to feet a bit.

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