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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Created For Durability Wore for Fashion ===== Levi Strauss Blue Jeans

Trivia Time:::
What was the first company to ever make blue jeans??

You may have all ready known the answer but in case you did not the answer is::

The Levi Strauss & company was created in 1853. Based in San Francisco it was the first company to ever make blue jeans. The company was named after it's found Levi Strauss who was born on February 26th 1829. The Strauss family, a Jewish family from Germany immigrated to America when Levi was 18. In New York the family would start up a wholesale dry goods business. Thus demonstrating the family offered Levi many skills in the entrepreneurial world.

In 1853 Levi Strauss would both become an American citizen as well as open his own wholesale dry good business. A fellow inventor , Jacob Davis, would be the individual to invent blue jeans and in 1873 the two would go into business together. Not only go into business together but on May 20, 1873 blue jeans would be awarded a patent. Perhaps the fashion of today's blue jeans may have you think that they were a high fashion need. However, that could  be furthest from the truth.

Jacob Davis in the late 19th century was asked to create a pair of pants that would stand up easily to daily wear and tear. If you know farming life that daily wear was hard wear one full of hard labor. Davis added the metal rivets to prevent damage to the clothing which would hopefully help them last longer. He was right and the word spread quickly sending more laborers to Davis to get a pair. So with Davis having such a great hit on his hand why would he need to team with Strauss??

Davis wanted a patent for the invention he created and to do this he would need a partner. He knew that Strauss had a workable business since that is where he had purchased the material for the new blue jeans. Strauss was paying attention to the popularity of how the new blue jeans was getting and decided it was a great idea to team with Davis and obtain a patent for the new overalls. Thus the patent would appear with Levi Strauss name.

The overalls were worn by farmers and those that worked in hard labor. It was during the 1960s that these new style of pants would be titled 'Jeans'

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