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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Teach our Children to Be Humble

knowing that every strength, talent, and ability is a gift to be used for God’s glory and every weakness is an opportunity to show God’s power to change. By demonstrating this in our life we will want to strive to teach our children to be humble as well. 

Prayer is a great way to help you and your child to stay humbled. Faith offers us a way to be confident without being boastful.

Teaching our children to show respect to all. There is no reason to ever demonstrate rudeness.

Offer our children the wisdom that listening and learning is a way to understand people and how they see the world as well as how they feel.

Teach them to err is human but they should always apologize, forgive their own mistakes as well as forgive others Every apology has 3 parts (1) admitting that you are sorry (2) admit that it was your fault and (3) how can you make it right??

Teach them to always do their best Everything in life should be done to glorify God.

Failing is part of life. We should always encourage our children to try, try and try again that life itself is one of the best teachers of humility

Perhaps the best way to teach our children humility is to demonstrate it to them through our own actions. Show them that it is important to be kind and listen to others. Show them that there are blessings to be gained through acts of service and that trying to finish is better while not always easier than quitting.

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