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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meatball Sub Done My Way

If you are looking for a inexpensive idea for dinner you can make 4 subs for $6.00 instead of paying $6 per Footlong which would equal $24 for 4 subs. That’s appealing to me!
Start with the Italian Bread. where we live you can find it $1 a loaf  If you want before heating up butter the top bread or spray with Pam and sprinkle parmesan and italian seasoning over top. .Each sandwich gets 1/2 of the loaf. Total for bread $2
Meatballs this week are on sale for $3 
Now on to the tomato sauce. Where I shop I can find this for $1 a can as well. 
I have a new can of Parmesan cheese so no cost for this product but if you would have to buy a jar you may have to spend $3 for can and only use $1 worth so total $1.
Parmesan cheese now I buy this for $4.00 but it last me forever so my actual usage with in this meal is not much.
Bread $2.00
Sauce $1.00
Meatballs $3
Cheese $0
Total $6

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