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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Think Spring:::: Think Spring Garden

My grand-daughter princess has for ever called the first 3 months of the year "THE LONG COLD WINTER". Yes I know there is a very popular book by this same title but a three year old does not read yet. She derived with the title because when they lived a couple of hours away nana (me:)) could not come and visit as much. The cold winter months mean many things to me as well.

It is the period of time when one of our favorite hobbies of gardening is at a stand - still. So during this time we start dreaming of what our spring garden will be like. Do you like to garden?? What winter chores do you do?? Here are few things that we do to get ready.

  • Get the needed materials gathered. Sharpen power tools that need it. Doing it now will beat the winter rush. Purchase any gardening tool out of season and clean any that need it as well. Kept in good shape gardening tools will work their best. Now determine what fertilizers you will want to use whether it be fertilizers, mulches or something else. Prune trees in late winter Pruning will help to reduce size of overgrown trees and shrubs and allow them to come back even stronger. 
  • Dream about what your garden will be like. What plants will you include? Visit the library or internet sites to get ideas. Seed companies will mail you catalogs so that you can see what is available. Sketch you garden on paper as you decide on what you want your garden to be like. 

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