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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day Backwards

January 31st is a day to turn your ways around. It is backwards day and a great opportunity to change what you may not like. Perhaps you want to have a bit more fun in your life like a bit more mornings where dessert is for breakfast. It may be that you desire to change a routine or way you have been living no better time than now. Let your imagination be your guide

Backwards day is a fun day that can allow you to change your world around. It is a time for the rules to be turned on their head. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia a day when all social norms were turned on their head. Gambling was not forbidden and masters took their slaves at the high table Free speech was allowed for this one day only. 
Trivia fact:: Leonardo da Vinci wrote backward.  Not only did the artist and inventor write from right to left, he wrote his letters backward.
Today at lunch have a large dessert. Tell everyone you meet today goodbye and as you leave say hello. Just think of how much fun this could be. When night time comes turn off the alarm get into work clothes and crawl in bed (better turn that alarm back on as tomorrow will not be backward day) 

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