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Thursday, February 2, 2017

African Heritage Month

In the United States February is Black History Month also known as African American History Month. During this month the United States, Canada and United Kingdom will remember the important people and events through history of African Americans.

In 1926 the United States historian Carter Woodson delegated the second week of February to the "Negro History Week" To me this name is so racially based and yet for the period of time this was a term that was used and the week was one dedicated to the events and individuals that helped form the heritage of the African individuals in the United States. The second week of February is also the birthday of Abraham Lincoln that occurs on February 12th as well as Frederick Douglass on February 14th.

The Department of Education of the states of North Carolina, Delaware and West Virginia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. joined in on the events of the first year. Woodson urged for the event to continue to preserve the history of the race, so that the African heritage would not die away.

The Black History Month replaced the week long event in 1970. Kent State was the first to acknowledge this event. The United States government recognized the month long event in 1976. President Ford urged Americans to "honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans"

This month here at Annies Home we will take a look at African Americans and the heritage to remember the past and embrace the future[

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