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Monday, January 30, 2017

Bubble Wrap Day

If you have ever received a package in the mail then mostly likely you also received bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is super cool looking transparent plastic with air filled bubbles. The bubbles helps cushion for fragile items. 

The term bubble wrap is trademark owned by Sealed Air Corporation. In 1957 Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were attempting to make three dimensional plastic wall paper. The wallpaper would be constructed by sealing two shower curtains together What they ended up with was the invention of bubble wrap. Can you imagine if the wall paper trick actually worked, people could pound their heads on the wall to pop the bubbles this would be a great stress buster but imagine the headaches that would be present. 

 If they knew how welcome their invention would be in time to come they would have been on top of the world instead of feeling as if they had failed. Alfred Fielding would use the new invention to build a company selling packing material. IBM would be the first customer shipping the IBM 1401 cushioned with the air cushioned comfort. Bubble pack, bubble paper, air bubble packing, bubble wrapping or aeroplast are all generic names for bubble wrap. 

Bubble wrap is so awesome that it has its own day of appreciation. Bubble wrap has been used for many functions from protecting fragile items to a fun popping toy. Each year Bubble Wrap hosts a "young inventor" award calling all young inventors to find ways to use bubble wrap other than what its intended use is. 

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