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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Rosa Parks

Rosa McCauley was born in February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama. Her dad was carpenter and her mom was a teacher. Rosa came from many cultures including African, Cherokee Creek and Sots-Irish. Parks would grow up on a farm with her grandparents after her parents separated While some white people would be kind to Rosa others would offer hate during this time of racism. Rosa would see much discrimination and bigotry in her life. The world was a very different place it was a world of:
Jim Crow Laws that took the vote from most blacks in Alabama and other Southern States Segregation was also established by law in public facilities, stores, and transportation 

School buses would take white children to school but if black children wanted to go to school they had to walk. Rosa would struggle to get an education but in the end had to quit school to take care of her mother and grandmother. She did not get her high school diploma til she was a married adult. It was not at all rare for blacks in Alabama to not get their high school diploma. In fact, it was rather rare event to get your high school diploma being black and living in the south. The Jim Crow Laws was a resistant that Rosa fought hard against as well. It took three times but Rosa was finally able to register to vote. 
Rosa would work many jobs as well from maid, hospital aide as well as seamstress. It was after working a long day in Mongomery Alabama in 1955 that would make Rosa Parks unknowingly famous. It was on that fateful day that Rosa Parks would refuse to give her bus seat up to a white man. During this time in history black people were treated different because people thought they were different. Rosa was arrested for not getting in the back of the bus and giving up her seat to a white man. 

Rosa Parks arrest made people mad and blacks stopped riding the bus in protest. What became known as The Montgomery Bus Boycott started 
Because of her arrest Rosa lost her job as a seamstress and could not find employment. Parks then moved to Detroit Michigan. She was dedicated to the civil rights movement and became a secreatary at the NAACP. In 1979 Rosa Parks was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Rosa Parks would pass on October 24th 2005 at the age of 92. She would be honored with the U.S. Capitol Rotunda at her death. She was the first woman and non U.S. governmental person to be so honored. 

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