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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

First Dental Visit

Being a toddler is often more challenging than we give it credit for. With all the needed deeds to do like potty training, pre-school and the rest it is also time to go to the dentist. Normally by the age of 3 most baby teeth have grown in. So now it is time to visit the dentist to ensure that the baby teeth are good and healthy and reserve room for the permanent teeth. 

You may have all ready visited the dentist as some doctors recommend a first visit around the age of one. Through dental visits and proper care of teeth having good teeth will hopefully be granted. Toddlers however are often scared at different events in their life. All the noise, new faces and dental tools the child may become very scared. The trick is to prepare, offer prizes and support to make the first dental visit fun.

Look for a pediatric dentist this may be done by calling the ada at 312-440-2617 or or check out the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry at 312-337-2169  Once you find the dentist you will visit set up a time where you can take your child for a tour so that they will be familiar with the place.

It is a good idea that children stay in the exam room with the child. Make sure that the dentist will stop if your child gets upset. Look around for cleanliness including dental tools wrapped in plastic, staff wearing protective gloves and masks. The dentist will need to know about any sucking habits your child has. This includes thumb, pacifier or bottle

Before visiting the dentist prepare your child by telling him or her what will be going on. Upon meeting introduce your child to the dentist. The dentist should be able to explain what will happen to your child. Dentist should also be able to teach your child proper brushing techniques.

More than likely your dentist will clean your child's teeth. The staff should supply your  child with goggles or sunglasses. The dentist should also show your child how the dental tools work.

At the end of the visit your child should be able to select a prize. If your child gets upset during the visit stop, reschedule and try again in a few months.

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