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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fix Up A Mess Of Fried Taters

Fried potatoes is something that we frequently had when we were growing up. When I was married at the age of 16 there was not alot me and my husband 19 could afford. Paying rent and utilities was about what I could handle. For meals other than breakfast we would eat chicken and fried potatoes. It was about the cheapest meal we could have back then. It was simply delicious as well, and I still enjoy that meal whenever we can. WE do not have it every day more like a couple times a month but still have fond memories of how fried potatoes helped me from going hungry.   

Today, I want to share with you how easy fried potatoes or taters are to fix. There is not a recipe since a guide that you will quickly catch on to.  Begin with a few taters. Since left over fried potatoes are normally not all that tasty it is better to fix what you or your family will eat. Peel and slice potatoes in the thickness you desire. Some like to keep the peeling on so this is up to you again. Once again there is no recipe

You will prepare fried potatoes in either a skillet on top of the stove or an electric skillet. You will need enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan There is no precise measuring you will have to judge how much by watching skillet bottom. If you desire adding onions simply chop some up and add to skillet of potatoes 

With the skillet on high start to cook the taters. When you hear the sizzle turn down heat to medium low. Let the oil begin to heat 

Place potatoes and onions in the skillet. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover with lid and cook on medium low. Every few minutes, lift the lid and stir the potatoes.   

Cook for about 25 minutes. The potatoes will soften and start to brown. Turn them and cook to desired brownness.  Enjoy!!! 

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