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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Beginning of the Seeing Eye Dog Program January 29 1929

The popular seeing eye dogs for the blind idea started in 1927. The government had started to train dogs for being guides for the blinded veterans of World War I. A young man Morris Frank born in 1908 and frustrated about his inability to live his life because of his blindness. He took the time to write the author of the article he read concerning the soldiers. Her name was Dorothy Harrison Eustis. Dorothy was an American training German Shepherd police dogs. She was located in Switzerland and she would agree to help Mr. Frank. Morris Frank would help spread the word about the seeing eye dogs and Dorothy would help him train with a dog. Franks would get a dog named Buddy and they both would gain news reporters attention with one word "Success" This is how the seeing eye dog world was born and the dream to helping the entire world of blind individuals. 

The Seeing Eye group was started in Nashville Tennessee on January 29 1929. It would later move to other locations where the climate was better for the training dogs. 

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