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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Beautiful Dusty MIller

The dusty miller is defined by its name that means lacy, silvery, fuzzy leaves all of which this plant has abundance of. Dusty millers are not named after a famous individual but rather than how the plant looks as if it has dusty millers. A miller refers to an individual who spends time in a mill grinding wheat into flour, they often become covered with powdery white dust. 

The dusty miller is a member of the daisy family. Rather than being grown for the flower as most daisies are the dusty miller are grown for their foliage and snowflake like leaves. Some plants will grow as tall as 3 feet and others only a foot and a half. 
Dusty millers are considered perennials but are often planted with sun loving annuals. The dusty color offers a pretty contrast with the pretty colors of flowers that they border. Dusty millers require at least a weekly soaking and do not need as much as other flowers. Over watering a dusty miller they can develop rank growth and spindly shoots, and they lose their compactness. 

The leaves of dusty millers are drought tolerant. The color of the plant helps the plant to stay strong. The deeply cut lobes of the leaves helps out as well. This is one feature that I simply love. The pubescence offers an insulating coat of protection against the sun as well. 

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