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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Children of The Street

Street children may be found on every inhabited continent around the world. In the United States there are currently 1.3 million homeless children in the U.S. This number does not include children forced out of their homes, abandoned by the foster care system, or part of a homeless family. 

So why are there street kids when there are so many that should be taken care of. Well the states and cities somehow look over them unless there is a jurisdiction policy of picking them up. The officials will return the child to its abusive home or will incarcerate them on a minor charge. Not all states define a 15 year old as under age.

The number quoted seemed extremely high. Wow!! as a mother I want to wrap these children in my arms and take care of them. But that is not all, did you know that the average age of homeless child is 9 years old. There are also a number of children under 9 on the streets.  Some of these young children live with their families, live in cars, but some try to survive on their own. 

Some of these children live in the streets and go home occasionally or infrequently. The homes may be in foreclosure or they may be abusive treatment result in the child or children leaving the home and living on the streets permanently. These children are prey for exploitation and abuse. 

Children on the street can often be seen begging on the street. Many go home at night and give their earnings to the family. They may even be in school and be part of a family. Because of the family situation they may opt for life on the streets. So while they live on the street but with their family I find it quite hard for children to make it with out a strong parent. 

Find at more at Stand Up For Kids

You can also help do your share. Items that are needed by organizations that help children as well as adults are:
  • New and gently used clothing
  • Hygiene products
  • Food products
  • First Aid products
  • Bus passes, phone cards, gift certificates
  • Back office program support items

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