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Monday, January 30, 2017

Getting Healthy Is Not Easy But Can Be Done

Did you make a New Year goal to eat healthier and loose a bit of weight?? If so and you are still on your path to that goal Awesome!!! If not then you know it is never to late to get back on the right path. here are some great snack ideas that are better for you Snacks can help you keep your energy up and are perfect for a little pick me up. They can help us on our path to getting healthier, slimmer and feeling better.

Here are a handful of snacks that will help us reach our goal.

Cereal will offer a crunchy snack that taste good and offers energy as well. You can keep this snack on hand by filling a few baggies of cereal and stashing them away. Looking to starve off hunger and add more nutrition add a few nuts

Yogurt smoothie is another perfect snack that offers both calcium and protein. Two important properties to keep going and many have less than 100 calories a smoothie

String cheese perfect snack for you and children love them as well. They are low in calories and high in calcium and protein. Add a few crackers and you have a perfect quick snack or light meal.

Fruit is perfect for snacking. There are different fruits in season through the year. The old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is great as eating right may just do that. Fruit offers your body nutrients they need. many are under 100 calories in a serving.

instant oatmeal provides a healthy snack as well as a great beginning to any day. It can be prepared with a bit over 100 calories a serving

popcorn offers a crunchy pick me up. Snack sizes are avaliable in 100 calorie bags. Popcorn seems to fill one up quickly. By the way did you know that when you enjoy popcorn you are eating a veggie??

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